• United States is the # 1 destination for
    international migrants according to United Nations
    EB-5 applications have increased six fold
    in the last 5 years.
  • Canada is consistently one of the top destinations
    for many business immigrants.
    Canada is a multicultural society offering
    a high quality of life,
    security and world-class health
    and education systems.
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    No worldwide income tax, No capital gains tax,
    No estate tax for residents of Antigua & Barbuda
    Antigua & Barbuda passport holders
    enjoy visa free travel to 130 countries

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Bether Capital Inc. specializes in investment-linked immigration solutions, focusing on U.S. and Canadian residence and citizenship-by-investment programs. As an engaged and responsible broker, we have built partnerships with government institutions, reputable immigration agents and experienced developers to offer a diverse range of solutions to our stakeholders.
Since 2003, our experienced international team has worked seamlessly with a network of over 100 immigration agents and lawyers, spanning more than 17 countries to provide our developer partners with qualified investors and our immigration agents with viable options that meet their clients diverse needs. We are committed to confidential service, professionalism and developing innovative solutions.
As a result, through our investors, Bether Capital has successfully funded over $1 billion USD in U.S. and Canadian investment-linked immigration programs and assisted over 5,000 families attain permanent residency in the U.S. and Canada.

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our network of 100+ agencies
spanning 17 countries
60+ years of combined investment-linked immigration experience
expertise in 4 professional fields
expertise in 4 languages
assisted 5,000 families successfully immigrate to the United States and Canada since 2003